Monday, February 27, 2012

FRESH, the movie.

Pictured above are free-range chickens at Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm, featured and inspiring in this movie.  (Note that Wooster Natural Foods sells free range eggs from Georgetown Farms in Smithville and from Greenfield Farms Amish cooperative. We also carry Hartzler Dairy's milk and butter, along with a store full of other natural and organic products.)

View the whole 70 minute movie FRESH for free, until March 3, 2012.

A friend sent this link to watch this film and wrote: "This movie, 70 minutes long, is so important to understanding the food industry in our country. It affects our lives, our environment, our health and well-being, our economy, and that of our friends and families. Narrated by Michael Pollan and others changing the nature of farming, it's well worth the time.

Watch it free until Saturday on your computer, in your pajamas, in the middle of the night, alone, with your family....but watch it! Then share with those you love. It's likely to inspire people to move away from the toxic products from agrciltural/chemical "factories", the source of most of our food supply."

IMPORTANT! The producers of this powerful film are allowing a full and FREE preview of FRESH until Saturday, March 3rd.

This movie is not just an expos√© of mega farming, but shows in-depth stories of people making a big difference in our country, in getting small, organic farming going in a big way.  Instead of coming away from watching it, feeling hopeless and frustrated, I feel excited and optimistic.

At the end, a man makes the point that each of us votes for the kinds of foods we want, each time we buy food.  And every "vote" for natural and organic foods contributes to the movement back to healthy food for us all. It is our future, and we can do it.

After the free showing is over, you can find all the information about FRESH the movie, here.

See FRESH now!  Thanks!