What happened to the Wooster Food Co-op.  Is it gone?
   No!  It became Wooster Natural Foods in 2001.  We're still the same food co-op, with a new name. And we find that lots more people show here now, because they used to have a misconception that only members could shop at the co-op.  Many of us still call the store "the Co-op," and think of it still as Wooster Food Co-op!  It began in October, 1971, and it's going strong, and it's still a food co-op!

Do members have to put in volunteer work?
   No, that stopped being part of our store, way before we changed our name.  Members just pay their $10. annual member fee and get a 10% discount every time they shop.

Are there other discounts, besides the 10% discount for members?
   Yes, we have a 10% discount for students with a valid ID and for seniors with a Golden Buckeye Card. And that's every day of the week, not just on one or two days a week!

Do you take custom orders for things that aren't on the shelves when I shop?
   Yes, as long as we can get what you want from one of our regular suppliers.  You have to bu a full container of the product, as in whatever size box the product's minimum order contains.  And then you get a 10% discount, and that's on top of your regular discount, if you're a member, a student, or a senior.

If you want to make comments or have any questions for Wooster Natural Foods, please visit our Facebook page.  Thank you!

Wooster Natural Foods
138 E Liberty Street
Wooster, Ohio 44691
hours: Mon-Fri: 10 - 6. Sat: 10 - 5